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the most recent attack happened on february 2nd between 22nd and 23rd. the suspect allegedly punched a woman multiple times and ran away. a similar attack happened a month earlier at 23rd and church street. robbery or sexual assault do not appear to be the motives. people on treasure island are honoring the memory of a 10- year-old girl who died in a weekend fire. the cause of that apartment fire is still a mystery. kpix 5 reporter cate cauguiran is on treasure island with the story. >> reporter: good morning, friends and family are mourning the loss of the little girl. i want to show you right over here, that memorial are grows outside the home where e she died. last night a vigil was held in her honor and several gathered to remember 10-year-old corlina godfrey. they tried to save the young girl and sadly the floor collapsed and it was too late. at last night's vigil, reverend hickman said family will be
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recovering for the rest of their lives, but the community has ha role. >> communities come together when everything is great. but great communities come together when the need is great. and to see you guys come out today and show your love and appreciation towards this family means that we're on our way to helping this family recover. amen. >> amen. >> reporter: the fire started just after midnight two days ago and took more than two hours to get it under control. the investigation is underway to figure out how this fire started in the first place. at this point firefighters believe it's accidental but we can expect a report later this week. cate cauguiran kpix 5 reporting live from treasure island. 3 dozens rescuers helped a stranded hiker off a cliff at baker beach. three people were stranded. one person was able to climb down and at least one of the other hikers got stuck.
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everyone was helped to safety without any injuries. golden gate ferries running on the holiday schedule after a crash between one of the ferries in a motor boat. it happened on saturday afternoon at the raccoon street between tibia ron and angel -- tiburon and angel aland. it happened after the ms san francisco left. and some people are surprised this doesn't happen more often. >> you have to be careful of big boats and people should be aware of that. >> after this is complete we sit down and we look at the regulations and if we can tighten the focus on anything. >> members of the ferry crew are on administrative lead while they investigate the situation. part of that includes drug tests for the crew. it's 5:04 right now, you know, i took a very nice hike yesterday because it was so nice. >> it was beautiful.
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i did a little barbecuing, yard work. >> we know the only thing that was missing this weekend was a little baseball. it was really nice. now we're going to get back to wintry weather as it looks like we're shifting gear. already beginning to see a few more clouds rolling back into the skies. you can see the cold front lagging to the north. not the strongest system we've ever seen but a chance we get back showers as we head to tomorrow, and cold showers, could see snow levels down to 2000 feet locally. we have clouds, especially approaching the coastline. temperatures right now, 45 and clear in concord. 50 and partly cloudy in oakland. 47, a few clouds into san francisco and 42 degrees in san jose. by the afternoon, around the bay we'll find cooler temperatures. highs in the upper 50s in the south bay. and the east bay, much cooler than over the weekend. san francisco checking in at 55. a little breezy this afternoon. more clouds on the way.
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a chance of rain, too. more in a few minutes. back out to san jose, breaking news overnight, developing news overnight. this was a scene of a fatal crash. they are in the process of picking up the lane closures and blossom hill road. it has remained shut down. within the last few minutes, the eastbound lanes of blossom hill have been reopened. the westbound lanes of blossom hill are closed. we'll let you know as soon as everything is back up and running as normal. they have been investigating that accident since about 11 last night. the main lines of the freeway are still moving at top speeds from 101, 280 the guadalupe parkway and taking crowds, here's a live look, it's president's day holiday so call caltrans -- caltrans taking a
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break this morning. a lot of mass transit will be on a modified schedule. b.a.r.t. and muni on a saturday schedule. and ace train is offering regular service with no delay. that's traffic, back to you guys. venezuelan president hugo chavez returned to his home country early this morning. tv says chavez will continue his treatment at a military hospital in caracas. he has not spoken publicly since he left for cuba in december. it's not clear what led former country music star mindy mccready to take her own life. she was found dead on the front porch of her home. her death comes a month f -- after her boyfriend killed himself on that same porch. she had a number one hit in 1996 called guys do it all the time. she was 37 and leaves behind
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two sons. the olympic hero known as the blade runner has canceled all of his upcoming races because he's charged with murder. he's accused of killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp at his home in south africa on valentine's day. there's word they found a bloody bat inside the home. it's not clear if that was involved in the killing. the battle over immigration reform is heating up again after a white house draft proposal was leaked over the weekend. it calls for a pass to u.s. citizenship, but they wouldn't be granted permanent resident status until eight years after the bill is enacted. congressional republicans accuse the white house of intentionally leaking the information after president obama promised to lead bipartisan congressional talks take the lead. >> does the president want a result or does he want another one to beat up republicans so he can get political advantage in the next election.
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>> marco rubio released a statement if the president's plan makes it to capitol hill as it, it will be dead on arrival. they said the draft plan was not intentionally leaked and meant as a back up in case congressional talks fail. john mccain is criticizing fellow republicans for stalling a confirmation vote on chuck hagel. he told meet the press yesterday he does not plan to vote for haggle who's a republican and former senator but mccain says there's been enough time to get questions answered about whether hagel is qualified for the job. today is president's day, a federal holiday and a day off for some workers. >> most golf offices are closed today as are -- golf offices are closed today, and most garbage collection systems will go on today. and the exceptions include b.a.r.t., which is on a
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saturday schedule, and ac transit which is now on a holiday schedule. other headlines on this monday, excessive b absences by b.a.r.t. workers are costing the agency millions in overtime each yore. the examiner found one in eight b.a.r.t. employees calls in sick each day. that costs b.a.r.t. $14 million a year and they are looking to close the 6 billion- dollar funding gap through fare and parking fee heights. and big changes coming to oakland's first friday festival. the teenager was killed and three others injured at last month's event so city leaders are banning drinking on the streets. more than 10,000 people attended celebrations in oakland's uptown. he's accused of slapping a toddler on an airline flight, how the man is being punished before his day in court. some don't think the wildlife camera belongs on the
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part in the annual "war of the well, the tomatoes were flying in chili, thousands took on the war of the tomato this weekend, inspired by the famed festival in spain. 80,000 pounds of fruit were tossed in the air. local tomato growers surprised the ammo. it's a lot of sauce. >> how much fun would that be. >> maybe a good detergent commercial. >> no kidding. >> can you imagine. >> i don't know elizabeth, that would be a lot of fun. i think you take a lot of stress out that way. >> pillow fights, tomato fights. i have night mares of dodge ball. i don't like anything coming that close to my face. all right. outside, what are we talking, we're talking westbound 580 and, i mean, it's a holiday, not too much traffic on the
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road. everything is pretty quiet heading toward the dublin interchange. i checked the drive time. only about 14 minutes still. no major incident. we were following a couple things when we got in the door, but not right now. we'll get a check of maps and other major freeways across the bay area. 18 minutes from carcinas bridge to the maze. and 880 and 237 for your silicon valley ride, no delay out toward sunnyvale, if you're leaving the milpitas area, drive time, 6 minutes between 880 and 101. highway 4, 62 miles per hour as you pass 8th street and loan tree wane. a lot of mass trans-- lone tree way. and b.a.r.t. and muni on a typical schedule. caltrain, a modified schedule. and that's a check of your
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traffic and for more on your forecast, we're all crossing our fingers for more beautiful weather. >> not everybody. i have some folks saying enough with the beautiful weather stuff, we want some rain. and i think we're going to get some, too. not today. it's going to stay dry outside. in fact right now we have a couple clouds out there. low clouds along the coastline. you can see we're beginning to see changes, a trough beginning to dig in toward the west coast that will bring a chance of rain as early as tomorrow. for today, we are going to see partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. cooler temperatures with a stronger on shore breeze and big time changes, not only a chance of rain and maybe snow down to about 2000 feet. much colder temperatures on the way for tomorrow. today it will be cooler. this ridge begins to break down. you see the front encrouching on the bay area. it will bring a chance of showers for tomorrow and for today, not bad at all. 54 degrees in your 7-day forecast. and on your latest computer model. i'll show low clouds this
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morning, and that cold front begins to dive into the bay area. tomorrow a chance of rain drops. nothing real heavy. more scattered showers, and a half inch in the weather spot, that could be good for this type of weather. and 54 trees and breezy in pacifica. east bay temperatures, mid to upper 50s. much cooler outside. and this is the beginning of cooler weather. the weather is going to stay a bit unsettled. the rain, the best storm of the week will come tomorrow and more showers as we head toward thursday, maybe a chance of more showers overnight on friday and a little unsettled over the weekend. long range models are pointing back to more of a wet pattern. it looks nice for a while but a last blast of wintry weather coming our way. >> have you gotten e-mails saying we need rain. >> one of the ranchers, and i understand that. they are concerned. they're not getting enough
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water to grow crops for their animals to graze on. >> and there were sprinkles over the weekend. >> when it rains too much, i get complaints that i love the rain too much. >> you can't win. >> thanks larry. an al-qaeda related group is claiming responsibility for car bombings that killed at least 37 people in iraq, more than a hundred people were wounded in yesterday's attack, which happened in mostly shiite areas of baghdad. they issued a statement saying the attacks were revenge for alleged criminal attacks by attacks sini led governments. and more countries report finding traces of horse meat in beef products. the products in question have been linked to the french country. among the later, austria and norway, where horse metal was
5:17 am
in beef meals -- meat was in beef meals. the footage shows january 1 january 1st, the day a woman was reported missing walking in intan bull. she died from a a head trauma. several people have been questioned but no arrests have been made. a man charged with slapping a toddler on an airplane is out of a job this morning. >> we were talking about this this morning, agc aerospace says joe huntley is no longer an employee there. he is charged with slapping a 2- year-old boy and calling him a racial slur during a recent delta flight. >> i could not believe he would say something like that to a baby or about a baby and to hit him, i felt like i was in another world. i was shaking. >> the former employer called the allegations offensive and disturbing. huntley's lawyer says his client will plead not guilty to
5:18 am
the assault charges. a wildlife web cam catches two women boozing seals and sea lions,. >> the cameras overlooks an area where they rest and give birth to their cubs. two women were sitting on them, pull their flippers and kick them until each and every one of the animals is driven off the beach. the camera itself is controversial. >> the camera is run by an independent group and san diego police increased their patrols in the area. and you've probably heard of a bull in a china shop, but how about a horse in a bike shop. it happened near los angeles, the horse got a little spooked and ran away from its train rer and right into a -- trainer and right into a bike shop. about 45 bikes were damaged and the horse suffered minor cuts but no one else or anything
5:19 am
else was injured. >> look at all the damage there. 5:20, ladies, danica patrick making nascar history. >> and going for number 3, the east takes on the west in the nba all star game. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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things are about to change weather wise, so much for the nice weather. we have storm clouds on the horizon, when will they hit, we'll talk about that coming up. and it is holiday light across many roadways right now. here is a live look at three of them, golden gate bridge, bay bridge are and the milpitas drive off to a nice start. more traffic and weather coming up here every 10 minutes. thank you. the golden state warriors have their first all star since charles free wall in 1997. >> that would be david lee, played 13 minutes off the bench. scored 6 points, including a lay up, 15 assists in the game. close in the 4th quarter with kobe bryant blocks the king, lebron james. west held on for an offensive affair. 143 to 148. milos run is arguably the king of tennis in san jose.
5:23 am
two straight sets to win his third straight sap open yesterday. unfortunately it's the last run for the tournament. it daylights back 125 years. the san jose and la tournaments are being relocated on the atp tour to bigger venues. this is not only the play of the day, it's the accomplishment of the day, danica pat became the first woman ever to win the daytona 500 pole position. she completed with an average speed of 196 miles per hour. it's considered nascar's premier event. the case is set for next saturday. the poll setter has won seven or eight times. she has a good chance. if she wins it, huge. it is 5:25 right now. the blue angels, grounded, how the budget battle in washington could sell the end for fleet week in the bay area. one witness came forward who had been a witness at trial
5:24 am
and told the true. >> plus a bay area man spends 7 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. how a group of law students helped prove he was an innocent man. and we're getting our first look at a mangled suv involved in a deadly police chase last night. i'm live in san jose with all the details.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. he jumped up on the hood of his car. >> the police officer said he had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit. >> a south bay cop is nearly hit before a police chase ends in a deadly crash are. a young woman was beaten and raped on the uc campus in the middle of the day. and mindy mccready has been found dead in an apparent suicide. a second chance for a bay area man who spent nearly 7 years in prison for a crime he
5:28 am
didn't commit. >> one witness came forward and told the truth. the white house is doing damage control after aa version of its immigration reform bill became public. >> many say they were shocked to see the white house draft. and one of pope benedict's final appearances. we that is true sunday would be an opportune time, one of the last times to see him as pope. >> from across the bay. >> to around the world. , the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone, it's monday, february 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> i i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30 now. a deadly end to a police chase down in san jose. >> it happened after a driver tried to run down an officer making a traffic stop.
5:29 am
kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose this morning where the driver of a stolen car died in a dramatic crash. >> reporter: good morning, police say the 20-year-old driver died when his vehicle went off the road and is flipped multiple times. we're getting our first look at the vehicle. we're right by the entrance to highway 101 at blossom hill road. this happened last night at around 11. a san jose police officer had pulled over a different car on capital expressway and when he got out to walk up to the window, he heard the sound of a revving engine and turned around to e -- see an suv with its lights off coming straight toward him. he and other police chased the suspects through the streets of san jose for 6 miles. he was traveling at speeds of 100 miles per hour, had his headlights on and slammed on brakes to try and cause officers to hit him.
5:30 am
>> he lost control, flipping the vehicle several times across the westbound lanes of blossom road and ended up at a ravine. two juvenile females exited the vehicle and fled up the hill where we immediately got them in custody.. >> that was elissa harrington reporting. we're having some issues with the signal there, but we will get back out to her. police at uc santa cruz are warning students after a woman was beaten and raped on campus in broad daylight. officers say the 21-year-old woman was walking near the upper quarry amphitheater when she was attacked and was able to call 911. no word on her condition this morning. police say she was able to give them a good description of the suspect but those details have not yet been released. and take a good look at this sketch. san francisco police say this man attacked two women in the
5:31 am
mission district. the most recent attack happened on february 2nd on bartlet street on 22nd and 23rd. a similar attack happened a month earlier at 23rd and church street. robbery or o sexual assault do the not appear to be motives. 5:32 now, a memorial is growing outside a treasure island apartment where a 10- year-old was killed in a weekend fire. dozens of people came o out. by the time the fire got on scene, they couldn't save the child who was trapped on the second floor. >> every single one of you youngsters that are here, be grateful. every parent hug your child, love your child. speak life over them. speak something over them that gives them the signal of love appreciation. the cause of the fire to be
5:32 am
accidental and we expect to learn new details about the cause later this week. coast guard is trying to determine who's to blame between a collision on the ferry and a motor boat. it happened in the raccoon straight between tiburon and angel island. two people on board the 22-foot motor boat were seriously hurt. the collision happened ten minutes at the ms san francisco left san san solito. some bolters say they're surprised this doesn't -- some boaters say they're surprised this doesn't happen more often. >> we're watching the surf coming in and all the rowers, what are they thinking, how fast can the ferry stop. >> members of the ferry crew are on administrative lead. they will be tested for drugs as part of the investigation. call trance is preparing to -- call transis preparing to
5:33 am
expense $9 million to try and convince people to ride am track. they have picked tmd group for a three year campaign. and the goal is to boost ridership including the capitol corrider. >> i barbecued. made hamburger, sliders, those were delicious. the weather is changing. we're getting back winter weather. we're seeing more of an on shore push. expect muffle much -- much cooler temperatures on this president's day. i think today we'll stay dry but it will be much cooler outside and we'll see more clouds moving in. as we head out the door, we're looking at low clouds and fog toward the coastline. patchy fog in the valleys. 39 degrees in livermore.
5:34 am
37 in san francisco, and 45 in concord. by the afternoon, highs will be much cooler. a couple days ago, we had low 70s. today we're struggling to get into the 50s and by tomorrow, some places may not get into the 50s more high temperatures. we could see rain and a little snow, too. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. there are not so many cars heading toward the pay gates. it is a holiday. the not seeing the kind of volume we typically see. it is still early but there is no sign of metering lights anytime soon. it's pretty easy breezy all the way across the upper deck in san francisco. more areas to talk about. mass transit, a lot on a holiday schedule. b.a.r.t. and muni on a typical saturday schedule. caltran has modified their service but ace train is just regular old ace train and no delays. everything is on schedule. if you're traveling down the east shore fractures so far about an -- freeway, so far an
5:35 am
18 minute drive. golden gate bridge traffic is moving fine. caltrans has suspended a lot of road work overnight and into this morning because it is a holiday. overall things are moving at top speed. marin county heading toward doyle drive and your drive time in the green as well. coming westbound 580 and down the east shore family that's traffic, back to you -- freeway. that's traffic. back to you guys. hugo chavez is back in his home country. he returned early after cancer treatment. they report he will continue his treatment at a military hospital in caracas. the 58-year-old president has not spoken publicly since he left for cuba last december. mindy mccready is dead in an apparent suicide. she was found with a gunshot wound to the head on the front porch of her home in arkansas yesterday. her death comes one month after mccready's boyfriend apparently
5:36 am
killed himself on the same porch. she topped the music charts in the late 90s at the age of 18 but her career had been sidelined by personal problems including drug use and suicide attempts. she was just 37 years old. south african track star oscar pistorius has put running on hold as the investigation into his girlfriend's murder continues. his attorney says he is focused solely on his defense. pistorius is charged with murder in the death of 30-year- old reeva steenkamp. she was shot to death inside his home on valentine's day. a man convicted of a crime he didn't commit will be released from prison with the help of students from santa clara university. ronald ross was convicted in 2006 of shooting a man in west oakland and has been serving a 25 years to life sentence at san quentin. the members include fcu law
5:37 am
students, investigated and found discrepancies in that case. >> i told them he was innocent all along. >> how did you know. >> because he was at my house when that happened. >> friday alameda county prosecutors con seeded the -- conceded the conviction should not stand and finally free ronald ross. cosmic clues, scientists find the first pieces of space rock from a giant meteor that hit russia. and how a california woman is getting a little closer to the soldier father she never met
5:38 am
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road is expected to be reopened shortly. it's an update on developing news down in san jose, blossom hill road is expected to be reopened shortly. it is been closed since late last night when a stolen car being chased by police crashed into a ditch. two juvenile females ran from that car but were later caught. the driver was ejected when the car rolled over. he later passed away. an officer who had stopped another car saw the driver coming for him. that officer had to jump on the hood of the car to avoid being hit. happening right now, this
5:41 am
is in new jersey, three boats have caught fire the at a marina. you can see the heavy smoke rising over the boats in what looks like a pierre where the boats are tied up. this is in new jersey. several fire department units on the scene. they're finding rock ares from space in huh-uh sha. they apparently -- russia. they apparently radar when a huge meteor was seen in the area. the blast shattered thousands of windows and that caused hundreds of injuries. they've already replaced more than half of the broken glass and 40 people are still in the hospital. people packed st. peter square. >> thousands wanted to catch a glimpse of pope benedict the 16 16th at one of his last public appearances. >> and he got quite an ovation. he announced he will retire at end of the month. as many as a hundred thousand
5:42 am
people jammed st. peter square yesterday. >> we knew sunday would be one of the few last times to see him as pope. >> the pope's only reference to his retirement was in spanish when he asked the crowd to pray for the next pope who has yet to be selected. american stock markets are closed for the president's day holiday today. the dow is coming off its second straight week of losses although it gained 8 points on friday. the nasdaq dropped 6. when business resumes tomorrow, investors will get the latest numbers on home sales and construction. a watchdog group says facebook will pay no state or or federal tax on its profits for 2012 and will get a half billion dollar refund. the annual earnings report shows it won't owe any taxes. citizens for tax justice says facebook is using stock options and other forms of compensation for investors and employees for the write off. well, another check of
5:43 am
weather, and traffic. and lawrence, what a weekend. >> it's a spectacular weekend, getting back to wet weather. looks like the whole pattern is about to shift gears. here comes the clouds. a sign of the sea breeze is kicking in. you can see the trough beginning to dig its way along the west coast. that is going to usher in major changes in the coming days. very cold temperatures likely to return to the bay area as we get back to wintry weather. partly cloudy and cooler this afternoon, and then big changes ahead. storm clouds expected to move in tomorrow, to bring with a chance of rain and maybe snow down to 2000 feet. you get the idea, high pressure ahead of the system right now. that will bring one nice good day. here we go, the system begins to slide into the bay area for tomorrow. sfo, a temperature of 54 degrees. partly cloudy by the afternoon. if you are headed across the country, though, we are looking at showers and possible thunderstorms into the houston. it looks like denver. partly cloudy skies, 44
5:44 am
degrees. chicago rain, and 34 and chilly in new york. around the bay area, computer models showing clouds early on. should stay dry throughout the day. then the cold front slides in bringing with it showers, and we could get into wet stuff tomorrow. with that in mind, enjoy the day today. 57 degrees in san jose. 55 in palo alto. and 55 in redwood city. east bay temperatures until the 50s in many spots and inside the bay, partly cloudy skies, 57 degrees in oakland, 55 in san francisco and 56 degrees in the navado rain expected for tomorrow and we'll dry things out wednesday. maybe unsettled, a storm system that will skirt the coast. showers on thursday and maybe more showers overnight friday night and into saturday morning. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. hopefully you have the day off and you get to enjoy the morning from the comfort of home. if you have to head to work or anywhere this morning, you'll
5:45 am
have a whole lot of company. we see exceptionally light traffic. no big incidents, no big hot spots westbound 92, 14 minute drive half-time time, heading out of -- drive time. and if you have a flight to catch, no delays southbound from downtown, and it continues to move well as you head into san leandro. elsewhere, to the maps, westbound 580 still moving at the limit. this is how you can tell it's a holiday. usually we always see slower speeds on westbound 580 especially at this time. and livermore, not seeing one yellow traffic sensor there. towards the south bay in milpitas, 880 and 237 looks good out towards sunnyvale. this is our breaking news overnight. a fatal accident on city streets in san jose, eastbound blossom hill is reopened and
5:46 am
westbound blossom hill remains closed as you approach highway 101. we have a crew on scene continuing to report the latest details and we'll let you know when everything reopens and in the meantime there's an investigation ongoing in the westbound lanes. highway 4 looking good through antioch, the live speed sensors showing 62 miles per hour, and mass transit, b.a.r.t. and muni on the saturday schedule, caltrain on a holiday schedule and ace regular schedule no delay. that's traffic. she never knew her father but a southern california woman has his purple heart and other military medals to honor his memory. highland marin carefully accepted 8 medals earned by her father in world war ii. he was killed in action in 1945 before his daughter was born. >> to me e it means today we are honoring his memory. those medals were discovered in a storage locker that belonged to marin's mother 50 years ago.
5:47 am
the person who found them says it took months to track her down, but she did. very nice. san francisco's mayor says the blue angels could be grounded this year by congress. the navy has circulated a memo that if lawmakers can't reach a budget agreement before the march 1st, see questation deadline, it will be -- sequestration deadline. a bitter page -- bidder paid $629,000 for john f kennedy's air force bomber jacket. and a birthday card given to the president, the pieces came from the estate of david powers, a long time friend and assistant to the former president. >> should be in a museum maybe. >> maybe it will, you never know know. whiskey lovers we'll drink
5:48 am
to this. >> makers mark is not reducing the amount of alcohol in its whiskey. yesterday the company tweeted, you spoke, we listened. the alcohol content will return to 90 proof and boy did they listen. 5:49 now, it's time to play ball down in arizona. >> everybody's really energetic to come out here and play. the giants and a's hope to tap into last season's magic. we go to phoenix to see how both teams are shaping up in spring training. [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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looking at a few clouds returning to the bay area, much cooler weather is on the way. we could see a little rain, too. we'll talk about this coming up. well, it is the middle of win -- winter, but the boys of summer in spring training hope to play ball well into the fall. >> let's check in with dennis o'donnell who is down in the desert. >> reporter: good morning everybody from are phoenix arizona, the a's and giants are officially underway. it is time to play ball. >> people have thatted confidence, you can kind of -- that confidence, you can kind of see it when they come back. they're ready and excited. >> reporter: oakland's magic carpet ride flew to unexpected destinations last year. the magic is still here. it's unmistakable. can you catch lightening in a bottle twice. >> i pride myself and i'm sure the team was the same way last
5:52 am
year in being the underdog and overcoming and it's a rewarding feeling in the end. >> gone with brandon mccarthy, and brandon inch. back is bartelo. new is chad lowry, and outfielder chris young, a trio of key additions adding experience and pop to the a lineup. >> you never know going into the season. it's about the character you have the in clubhouse and you have to be really good, get lucky and a few walk offs later, you're right there in it. >> two world series titles in three years, an entire pitching staff returning, the reigning mvp buster posey and the manager of the year. sounds like the makings of a repeat, not since the yankees of 1999 and 2000 has a baseball team won back to back world
5:53 am
series. >> a lot of people think that we got lucky and we're going to prove that we won because we have talent and we know how to play the game. >> reporter: following their 2010 world series win, the giants didn't make it back to the playoffs in 2011. of course there was one big reason why. how does it feel right now compared to last season. >> it's a big difference. i don't feel like i have any limitations. at this point last year there were definitely some, so it feels good. >> the giants are going for their second straight world championship, the a's trying to take it one step further. in phoenix arizona, i'm dennis o'donnell. let's go back to you guys in san francisco. >> we'll see how they do. >> i thought angel pagan was going to shave the beard. >> he looks good with the better. i'm a big fan. >> i just wanted to let you know. a south florida man not only finished a marathon sunday, he dribbled two basketballs for the entire 26
5:54 am
plus miles. darren wiseman who is known as dr. dribble finished the race in a little over 4 1/2 hours. that's an amazing time dribbling. he was running to raise money for an organization that helps toker finger kids. hehe says -- foster kids. he said he was in pain and may have set a world record for those that dribble. >> there's a world record for everything. that's pretty talented: right. >> i'm sore from doing yard work, 26 miles dribbling. >> this guy not only runs a marathon but does it dribbling. he apparently lost his temper, now he's losing much more, the fall out for the man accused of slapping a crying toddler on the flight. and the country music world shocked by this one, the personal troubles that shadowed her career. involving this vehicle that's getting ready to be towed away from the scene. it all started when a police officer says the driver tried to run him over.
5:55 am
more details on that coming up
5:56 am
mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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was nearly injured during the pursuit. this is kpix 5 news. a deadly ending to a police chase in san jose, how an officer was injured in that pursuit. the music world stunned by a country singers sudden death. and it will be cooler today and rain on the way. we'll talk about this coming. and so far traffic isnitis and lightheaded toward the bay bridge toll plaza. much more on the holiday morning commute coming up. it is monday february 18th february 18th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. developing news from san jose, where an officer dodged a car that tried to run him down. and he got back in the car and chased the suspect at 100 miles per hour. elissa harrington is in san jose where the chase ended with
5:59 am
a deadly crash. elissa harrington. >> reporter: good morning, it all ended here on blossom hill road when the driver lost control and flipped several times. he was ejected from the creek and the 20 -- vehicle and the 20-year-old died at the scene. the car has been towed. they're getting ready to open up the road. this started late last night after 11 when an officer was doing a routine traffic stop. he had pulled over a different car and as he was at that window, he heard the sound of a revving engine. the officer turned around to see an suv speeding towards him. the officer actually had to to jump on the hood of his car to avoid getting hit. when he got back in, he pursued the suspect's vehicle. other officers joined in chasing the car for 6 miles through the streets of san jose. police say the drivers tried several maneuvers speeding at speeds up to 100 miles per hour slamming on his brakes and driving with his lates off. -- lights off.

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